Streamline your development process, product life cycle and new revenue opportunities with products and services insight, sound advice and industry research.

Better definition means better profits.

The CYZL can provide development and implementation stage guidance along with the business strategy of getting it to market, including:

woman at market smelling spices as example of products and services insight
Make sure you have the right product for the right customer! – Photo courtesy of Ion Ceban via Pexels
  • Understanding the market and buyer behavior and what problems are trying to be solved
  • Business case development, including Total Addressable Market (TAM) considerations
  • Target demographic and customer definition
  • The “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) definition
  • The “Total Time to Market” (TTM) for product or service
  • Product/service revenue projections
  • Life-cycle management, including launch, cost reductions, End-of-Life (EoL) and support
  • Promotional requirements
  • Geographic considerations
  • Product line or service extensions/opportunities
  • Out-sourcing models, including contract negotiations, specifications and management

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